Pneumatic Tool

Pneumatic Tool is applicable to neutral packing and widely used in the export enterprises of Iron, Textile, Household, Electrical Appliance, Stone Material, and Chemical Fiber and so on. It finished the soldering of the Pet Tape at high speed inone step.





  1. Straining, sticking and cutting pneumatically.
  2. Driven by the pneumatic motor with low noises and malfunction rate
  3. Excellent tighten strength
  4. Suitable for the packing of the steel, timber


Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tool

Battery strapping tool is the full-automatic tool for PET or PP STRAP STRAPPING. It can combine the new and old straps directly and save the time of wearing and work load.



  1. Reduce packing cost more than 15% and improve the combining intensity 2 times, increase safety coefficient paid to transport effectively;
  2. Improve packing without the metal buckle and get rid of the problems such as scratch, impression and so on;
  3. Works normally under a large number of dust, tiny fiber and other abominable environments with the exceptive dust-proof filter screen



Manual Tool

Tension with the fastening buckle, which is different from the conditional packing, has compact structure, lightweight, strong tension and tight buckle for convenient operation.







  1. Be suitable for various kind of Pet & PP Strap;
  2. Easy to operate and finish the tighten, sticking and cutting for one time;
  3. Have a strong tighten and reach 2800N at most;
  4. With the tight buckle for convenient operation
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